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day 12/365 days of autism

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Grant spent the day cleaning out the garage in preparation for our upcoming move. We decided to bring all the empty boxes inside so we can start packing. The boys had so much fun building towers and throwing the boxes around the lounge room. Dom crawled inside one of the boxes but it was too [...]

day 8/365 days of autism

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    Dom had another hearing test today. His last one was three months ago and although the results were the same, Dom was more defensive during this test than he was last time. Being so auditory sensitive makes him easy to test. The audiologist uses puppets to reward him for turning his head when he [...]

day 5/365 days of autism

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  Dominic loves being outdoors, so when it rains, he spends most of the day at the window looking out. After spending so much time outside in the warmer weather lately, Dom is finding it difficult being stuck inside when it rains. This is reflected in his behaviour. He got into all sorts of mischief and strife on this rainy Sunday [...]

day 4/365 days of autism

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  Dom’s new favourite thing, is to play under a sheet. The first image shows my perspective under the sheet with him, the second shows the view from Dom’s perspective. I can see why he enjoys it so much. So here is today’s image… view the 365 days of autism album  

day 3/365 days of autism

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  This evening we took the boys to a street fair, with rides, games, music, dancing and more. We weren’t sure how Dom was going to cope, so we had come up with an escape plan. Thankfully we didn’t have to use it, although we did come close. While at first he was overwhelmed and [...]

365 days of autism project

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  Yesterday Dom had the final part of his autism assessment. We received an official autism diagnosis yesterday afternoon, after months of uncertainty. We were actually relieved, since the diagnosis confirmed for us what we already knew. Now we are able to move forward with certainty. Autism doesn’t change who Dominic is or how much we love him, merely [...]

sometimes, you just need a different song

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November is a challenging month for our little family, full of medical appointments, behaviour management, therapy, and the big one, Dom’s autism assessment. Last week we received Dom’s sensory profile report from his OT, which outlined that he has some sensory processing issues. The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation’s website says: “Sensory processing (sometimes called “sensory [...]

making sense of it

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  I think the biggest thing this past week, is the recognition that Dominic’s behaviour is something that has left us feeling overwhelmed and ill equipped. Over the past 3 years, we have invested a lot of time and energy into therapy for both boys and have been very proactive in our approach. Very little of this is [...]

the matrix

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The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind for our little family. I just wish there were more hours in the day for writing so I could share all that has been happening. Frankly, I’m far too busy to have started a blog but as each day goes by, I’m becoming more and more [...]

day 4 – moving forward

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  8:00am – The fire alarm went off at RMH this morning, so we arrived a little later than usual. Finger prick was successful and results were all normal. This is great news and should mean he can sleep without oxygen therapy now. 8:45am – After breakfast, we played with the CPAP mask some more. We thought [...]