day 7 – home sweet home

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We spent the next morning cleaning our room at RMH, doing our washing and packing. Grant had re-booked our flights and the wonderful team at Angel Flight were able to arrange an Earth Angel to take us to the airport. The trip back wasn’t as easy as we had hoped. Our special handling details were all messed up and we had to keep calling attention to ourselves and guiding airport staff on what needed to be done, but being on our way home we kept our spirits up and got through it.

Grandpa collected us from the airport and JJ and Grada delivered a very happy Sebastian shortly after we got home. They also delivered a steaming hot beef casserole and mash. Not only were we thankful that we didn’t have to cook, but it was the first home cooked meal we’d had in a week. It was absolutely delicious!

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  1. I’m glad you found me! I am thrilled to find your blog, and will be following it for sure. Your boys are beautiful!

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